Preserving Lakota Way of Life Through Our Youth

2010 Lakota Dakota Nakota Language Summit

"Uniting the Seven Council Fires to Save the Language"
November 18,19,20, 2010
Ramkota Hotel and Convention Center - Rapid City, SD
The Lakota Dakota Nakota Language Summit was created by Tusweca Tiospaye in 2008 in an effort to unite the Oceti Sakowin, Seven Council Fires of the Lakota Dakota Nakota Oyate, also known as the Great Sioux Nation, in efforts to keep the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota languages alive.
Some Questions and Answers:
Who should attend?
Educators, School Administrators, School Board Members, Parents, Students, Community Members, Tribal Councils, Elders, Anyone working to teach or learn a Native language.
Is the Lakota Dakota Nakota Language Summit for the Sioux people only?
No. All tribes should attend. The teaching/learning methods, strategies, models, resources, and technology that will be shared can be adapted to make a successful program for any Native language.
Lakota Dakota Nakota Language Summit Contact Person
Mike Carlow Jr.
(605) 454-7815
To see the 2009 Lakota Dakota Nakota Language Summit Program please go to http://tuswecatiospaye.org/2009-program